Organic World (Paradise Nepal)

 As we know,Nepal used to be paradise land for all hippies. In  1960s, the Hippie Trail began to route young Western adventurers through Nepal. Many hippies used to come to Nepal for pure marijuana and organic hash. Mostly from the Western countries  hippies used to travel Nepal for smoking and travelling.They used to enjoy their smokes in mountains,and as well as in heritage sites, Basantapur(freak street) used to be hippies place for buying,selling and smoking.

Freak Street, a narrow lane just next to the Kathmandu Durbar Square, used to have vendors who would freely sell the herb. There were shops called ‘Your Old & Favorite Hashish Centre eden hash center ’ and the cheap price and good quality of marijuana used to invite thousands of members of the hippie movement who were buying it in great quantities. However, in 1976, the fairytale ended. Mostly under the pressure from the government in the United States that was worried for its youth turning into drug addicts, Nepal was compelled to ban the usage and sale of cannabis. The effects of the ban were disastrous.Many of the visitors left and the tourism industry was hit, farmers lost a lot of cash crop and the trading of the herb went completely underground which criminalized it.

Today, marijuana is illegal as well as  for medical purposes. The Nepalese government introduced a ban on the sale and purchase of cannabis. They also started arresting the sellers, and even buyers. The law defined cannabis as narcotic drugs, alongside opium and coca (used to make heroin and cocaine, respectively).

In present context more countries legalized marijuana for medical purpose including US, Canada, Peru, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, Israel, Czech RepublicAnd next should be Paradise Nepal( Organic World)

Legalize Herb
Legalize for the best

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