As the Coronavirus pandemic keeps millions of people at home.

According to Nepal Tourism Board ,2020 was said to be Visit Nepal 2020. Everything was being good and going good for Visit Nepal 2020. Everyone was working on it to make more successful. Our aim was of 20 million tourist in Nepal.We also had a opening ceremony at Dasarath Rangashala Stadium. Many people were participated there.We had an huge program over there,Many activities were done by Armies and the Government.But unfortunately we had an pandemic year starting virus from china called Covid-19, it made a crisis in everything but main crisis i.e tourism, Whole World is affected by tourism crisis. But now we’d like to face up against the virus. We need to travel and get stress out from this all. We don’t know till when we are going to be with this,but now we should come against it and should win the covid. We can make people travel but we all need to put effort on that. We can have many precautions during travelling,we have lot of leisure time now, but economy and cases stopped us for travelling.
Hope we’ll try to face up against this and end this pandemics.

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