Tourism Transformation (After Covid-19)

The world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel and tourism is among the foremost affected sectors with airplanes on the bottom , hotels closed and travel restrictions put in situ ,virtually all countries around the world. Now human travelling has been suspended. As before Covid-19, travel was the most reason for happiness, relaxation,fun. Travelling is being fear now, but before travelling was globalized, due to Covid-19 travel is being localized. Now there’s no travel from one country to a different but inside county there’s domestic travel. Before travel used to be in gathering, but now, single or solo travel goes thus far .
As a result,the COVID-19 pandemic has cut international tourist arrivals. Many countries has imposed quarantine, entry bans or other restrictions for citizens from different countries and different states. Consistent with UNWTO’s Report on COVID – 19 Related Travel Restrictions, as of 20 April, 100% of all worldwide destinations have introduced travel restrictions in response to the pandemic.
*97 destinations (45%) have totally or partially closed their borders for tourists.
*65 destinations (30%) have suspended totally or partially international flights.
*39 destinations (18%) are implementing the closing of borders during a more differentiated manner by banning the entry for passengers from specific countries of origin”..
Lets stand-up and travel all way safely with own risk.Business of airlines transports, hotel and different tourism industry should be raised again,Agencies should provide low budget package to spice up their business.Every industry should get one offer for patrons to spice up .

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